Simpson 2008 Conviction

Sunday, October 5, 2008

*** Bedlam message to OJ - Hold you head up brother, a black man's pride is all that we can truly call 'ours'. Life treated you with all the blessing that the average brother could only dream of. Life also presented the disasters one face when dreams become nighmares. Brother I can't say right or wrong, good or bad, I'm not the one to make that judgement, I can say sometimes a brother has to do what he as to do, and that you did. OJ my prayers are with you. TAKE CARE

Time Line of Simpson 2008 Conviction

August 21, 2007 - Memorabilia dealer Thomas Riccio tells FBI agents that Simpson wants to televise a confrontation with a collector he believes is selling stolen Simpson memorabilia.

September 12 - Simpson checks into The Palms hotel-casino for a friend's wedding and parties late at a casino nightclub.

September 13 - Simpson is secretly recorded discussing with former golf friends a plan to take sports memorabilia from dealers Alfred Beardsley and Bruce Fromong.

About 7.30pm, Simpson leads a group of five men who rush into a hotel room at the Palace Station casino and seize items at gunpoint from Beardsley and Fromong. The six-minute incident is secretly recorded. Mr Beardsley and Mr Fromong report an armed robbery. Simpson is questioned at the Palms hotel.

September 14 - Police name Simpson as the target of their investigation and question him again. Simpson insists no guns were involved and some of the items belonged to him.

September 15 - Simpson attends the wedding of his friend, Tom Scotto, at the Little White Wedding Chapel as one of the others involved, Walter "Goldie" Alexander, is arrested and charged with assault and armed robbery.

September 16 - Police arrest Simpson at The Palms and he is held at the Clark County jail on armed robbery, assault and conspiracy charges after a judge refuses bail.

September 17 - Simpson's co-defendant Clarence "CJ" Stewart surrenders to police, turns over items believed to be taken from Mr Beardsley and Mr Fromong, and is released on 78,000 dollar (£44,113) bail. Mr Fromong suffers a heart attack.

September 18 - Another man involved, Michael McClinton - who held a gun during the robbery - surrenders to police. Simpson, McClinton, Stewart and Alexander are charged with nine offences, including kidnapping. Simpson is also charged with coercion with a deadly weapon.

September 19 - Judge sets 125,000 dollars (£70,693) bail for Simpson, who posts bond, is released from jail and returns home to Florida. Charles Cashmore, another man involved, surrenders.

September 21 - Cashmore is arraigned and Charles Ehrlich, of Miami, turns himself in at court on felony charges.

October 15 - Cashmore and Alexander agree plea deals in return for giving evidence against Simpson.
October 24 - New charges of felony coercion are filed against Simpson, Stewart, Ehrlich and McClinton, bringing the total number of charges to 12.

October 29 - McClinton agrees to plead guilty to robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery in return for giving evidence against Simpson.

November 8 - Simpson appears in Las Vegas Justice Court for a preliminary hearing.

November 14 - A justice of the peace rules that Simpson and two other men should stand trial on 12 charges, including kidnapping and robbery.

November 26 - Prosecutors file revised document in Clark County District Court dropping McClinton from the case and adding a list of 78 potential trial witnesses.

November 28 - Simpson, Stewart and Ehrlich plead not guilty to all 12 charges.

January 12, 2008 - Simpson is jailed after being accused of violating terms of his bail. His bondsman told US authorities the former football star tried to get him to pass a message to a co-defendant.

January 16 - Judge Jackie Glass reprimands Simpson and doubles his bail to 250,000 dollars (£141,386).

August 4 - Ehrlich agrees a plea deal, admitting attempted accessory to robbery and attempted burglary and agreeing to give evidence against Simpson.

September 8 - Jury selection begins with about 500 potential jurors at the Clark County District Court in downtown Las Vegas.

September 15 - The trial begins with US prosecutors urging jurors to find the "true face" of the former American football star.

October 3 - The all-white jury of nine women and three men retire to consider their verdicts, returning 13 hours later to unanimously convict Simpson and Stewart of all charges.

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Mad Hatter said...

That was sweet of you.

Bedlam said...

mad hatter, OOOOOK, Thank You.

Nitegator said...

Hey Bedlam, your the only blogger that has not ratted on OJ. And like Mad Hatter said that was kool what you posted.

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