For You Honey

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bedlam had to post this for my wife. This song popped in Bedlams head, and Bedlam said 'yeah' got to post this for her. I remember going to this LTD concert in the late 70's.

This One Is For You Honey!!!!

It's Gonna Be BEDLAM Tonight !!!!

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Nitegator said...

I Like this song, played it for my girlfriend while I was at the office, she like the song just as well, we just held the phone and listened to the song. She said they just don't make songs like that anymore. Then she threw me a kiss, and I threw her one back. Thanks Bedlam.

Nitegator said...

Bedlam, you have started something here, everytime I get to this office, my girlfriend wants to hear this song. She love it. I have played this song at least five times a day, since you posted this. Now I have to find the cd.

Bedlam said...

nitegator, it was bedlam here also, I know, I know, I KNOW !!!! SHEETS. I like that song.

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