Confused Again

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Barack, Weezie was on The Jeffersons Elizabeth was on Sanford and Son.

3 deacons spoke:

Mad Hatter said...

That was funny, would you believe I have some friends that agreed with this Weezie statement. I had to tell them Fred was talking to Elizabeth.

Bedlam said...

mad, mad, mad hatter, I wouldn't have believed you until I had the same experience. Dame!!!! I just looked at him, he's Obama krazy!!!, we both laughed then a few minutes after he thought about what the said he said, he was just joking, this fool was for real, I know him.

ZACK said...

I know Sherman Helmsley is pissed that he did that!

Strange, but cool blog Bedlam.

I'll be back through.

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