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Thursday, January 15, 2009

155 people need to be on their knees right now, thanking GOD for another glorious day. Bedlam is talking about the US Airways Jet that crashed into Hudson River. See Church things could have been worse here. Looking at the odds that faced these 155 people.

Bedlam here, not writing about chemical, bombs, and all that bullshit Bedlam spout. If you know of Bedlam, you know Bedlam could not let a day like today go by without mentioning the goodness of GOD, and to the 155 passengers, you can truly say, ‘thank you lord’.

Church were talking about a plane that has a typical operating weight of 42.4 t
on (metric) empty, and although the fuselage kept the aircraft afloat, water still entered the cabin, and you know somebody decided that he was not going to let the plane sink.

The plane could have exploded, nope! That didn’t happen. The pilot could have crashed in the city, nope! That didn’t happen. Anything could have happened the this plane and killed every last one of the passengers! But GOD had a different plan today. Church, did you see the video!, the passengers got out the plane and stood on the wings!!! Oh Help Me Now.... while ferries from NY Waterway came to help the passengers to safety.

Do you get what im saying? No one was injured, no one was suffering from hypothermia. Everyone was SAFE and Bedlam is going to add SAVED here. Bedlam sat there watching the screen as divers did a
second check, for the all clear. Bedlam looks at Mrs. Bedlam saying "GOD IS GOOD". Tears rolled down her face, as she smiled as to say ‘Sure Is’.

See church Bedlam pray for things like this to happen every night, Bedlam pray that GOD protect and watch over strangers, Bedlam prays for the homeless, sick, hurt.... and today Bedlam can say that for 155 people, Bedlam’s prayers was answered.

Its Gonna Be BEDLAM, Word Now Spread EM!!

3 deacons spoke:

truth said...

God is Good! How else can you explain a commercial airplane doing an emergency landing in the Hudson River, with zero casualties?

Anonymous said...

You are right Bedlam, these people had GOD on their side. If they didn't have faith in GOD, im sure they have faith in GOD now. The pilot also needs to be credited for the landing of the plane, it could have been worst. I get chills looking at the interviews.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

God, maybe.
An extraordinary pilot with over 30 yrs of intense experience who couldn't have been more fit for the task and a finely manufactured machine that handled the conditions with superb integrity and is a testament to Airbus design. . . definitely.
Good thing it wasn't some old DC-9 with a crew of young private flight academy graduates in command. IT would have been a whole nuther senario, god or no god.

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