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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friday 15 June 2007 Hamas took control of Gaza. The Arab League warned of a "disastrous outcome". Hamas won the parliamentary elections and formed a legitimate government. It was a day of major victories for Hamas and its backers in Iran and Syria. There is no doubt about what would happen over the coming months.

While Hamas is in control of Gaza and declaring Islamist rule on Israel's doorstep, the
Palestinian quest for an independent state is on the verge of collapse. Fourteen years after the Oslo accords opened up the prospect of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.

December ‘08 Hamas declared an end to a ceasefire with Israel, saying that the truce expiring on Friday will not be renewed.

The development lead to a violent new phase in the long conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants. After more than eight days of Israeli bombing and Hamas rocket launching in Gaza.

The invasion, to no one's surprise, did begin today.
Its Gonna Be BEDLAM !!!

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SagaciousHillbilly said...

This is insanity. Do you suppose these MFers are taking a big step before the new president gets in and tells them to chill? Afterall, MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp declared that Hamas' actions toward Israel were "terrorist" while Israel was simply defending itself.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

"I Am Not The Average Brother"

You aint lyin.

Bedlam said...

Sagacioushillbilly, thanks for stopping by, but let me tell you **this aint no political blog, and BEDLAM will not have any Bush Bashing here, take that shit somewhere else!!!** cause BEDLAM ain't into politics. Plus BEDLAM respect every President that has SERVED Office. whooh!! (come-on country tis of thee) flash back!! ha, ha. Can't guess what I was thinking?......wrong!!! You want to talk about Bush or Obama YOU wait till BEDLAM put a post up about them. BEDLAM tell them to chill when chemical agents are in play. sssssshhh....Bedlam will tell that to O'man on the 27th. ( where my fathers died, stay in tune!!) Israel can do whatever they feel for protection. Hamas is a terrorist group and will alway be a terrorist group, if they want to run a government or country they need to get along with the nations abroad. If they want to send Qassam rockets into cities they need to be prepared for the results. (((hold on, Bro. Back In Style wants to play a solo for you on the communion glasses))) BEDLAM gonna tell yeh, the camp town mule is ain't what it use to be !!! whooh nelly!! Israel has been fighting Muslim nations before Bush got in office. WAKE UP!!! BEDLAM been there, SCUD WARNING---> Incoming!!! Boom, im gettin that, Boom, im hittin that. Dont make me bring the (Nuns) out on you!!! yllibllihsuoicagaS you don't know how many Qud-2 duds BEDLAM has inspected? Look at the sidebar, understand? (thats my personal question to you) BEDLAM's shit my sound (INSANE) to you, but BEDLAM don't bite BEDLAM's words. BEDLAM glad you stopped by (Church, you know how it go). AGAIN---->I Am Not The Average Brother, hang around, I'll take you HIGHER!!

Anonymous said...

I read your two comment on my AK47 misfire post, im still laughing, however I had remove it. I though you were finished with the ha, ha post. I got the second one.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Well, we may disagree on some points of political drivel Sir Bedlam, but probably not on most things. . . besides, the entertainment value around here is off the charts.

I spent 30 yrs as a research chemist, have a degree in biology which I practiced on the side and live rurally where gun ownership is a requirement.


Bedlam said...

yllibllihsuoicagaS, you caught that, ha, haaaa. BEDLAM like that, hold on calling the Queen---(ring, ring, ring, this line is busy, for a BEDLAM was getting ready for the KNIGHTHOOD, Bedlam hope she use a dull foil. ouch trick, watch where you point that thing. HELLOOOOO There Mr. Sagacioushillbilly Bedlam back, glad you didn't blow me off. Question.... it was the solo right? Bedlam telling you, we may agree on more than you think. Wait till BEDLAM drop this methylpyridinium bromide dimethylcarbamate report. Can't say too much now. You = me.

My man yllibllihsuoicagaS

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