Army attacks Mumbai’s Taj Mahal hotel

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Indian military launched a grenade attack Friday on Mumbai's Taj Mahal Hotel to flush out at least one militant who returned fire, scattering media assembled opposite the building.

Four grenades were launched into a part of the hotel where the militant or militants were believed to be hiding.

Bedlam is having flash backs of the scenes. Bedlam remember the drop points (in the years past, whooooo)

Police said earlier "a substantial amount" of explosives were found at the Taj that could have caused "major damage."

'Bedlam secure that point'. There Bedlam go 'spidy'

"At least one terrorist or maximum two" were holed up in the ballroom of the Taj, but no hostages were left inside "to the best of our knowledge," Maharashtra state police chief A.N. Roy told Indian television.

The Taj was one of two luxury hotels seized by extremists late Wednesday after coordinated attacks across the city that left at least 130 dead.

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