Talk Is CHEAP!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Did dude say he was going to put his foot in duds ass? Talk Is CHEAP.

3 deacons spoke:

Mad Hatter said...

that's funny. where have you been hiding? and why the moderation.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

LMAO! Young blood talked big then got his punk ass whooped.
When I was coming up we'd have never thought of disrespecting or being contentious with someone so much older even if they were nuts.

Bedlam said...

Mad Hatter baby!! DAME gul you be looking good. Somebody knows BEDLAM, wanted to talk, if you know what BEDLAM mean. Forget themz, let’s talk about you and BEDLAM baby! ah-hum.. BEDLAM here!!! Mad you can post anytime that be bedlam fine, or you can follow me on twitter, uh Bedlam, yes, you don’t have a twitter account. I don’t? no sir. OoooK. Mad you know Bedlam always want to stay in touch with you go to my facebook and become a friend and Bedlam, uh Bedlam, what! you don’t have a facebook account, I don’t? no sir. hum. Mad darling, Bedlam want to keep you in the social lime light of my life so go to Bedlams Myspace page and, um Bedlam, WHAT!! you don’t have a myspace page, FUCK Im begining to not like you. What the hell do Bedlam have, this blog, that’s it? Yes sir. DAME.

yllibllihsuoicagaS, Bedlam laugh Bedlam’s ASS Off too. Dude put a lousinia crawdad ass clamp on TRICK. Bedlam remember scrapping in Daenner Kaserne, whooo!!! ass kicking time. Bedlam was taught to respect but dont take shit. yllibllihsuoicagaS you be like Bedlam. Let’s call in a air strike, blow things are getting a little boring around here!

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