Bubonic Plague Released

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thirteen cases of Bubonic Plague have been recorded in Libya. Bubonic Plague is primarily a disease of rodents and their fleas, which can infect humans. It is transmitted between rodents by rodent fleas, and can be transmitted to people when infected rodent fleas bite them. It is a very severe disease in people, with case fatality rates of 50-60 percent if left untreated. A search for BPWMD vials have been in operation for over 12 years. Rumors of the Bubonic Plague being sent to Libya has been circulation for years.

A prime objective to create a weapon that could destroy millions has always been under the radar. Some bio-weapon teams has mastered the bicistronic operon yadBC (YPO1387 and YPO1388 of Y. pestis CO92; y2786 and y2785 of Y. pestis KIM5) in the Yersinia pestis strains. Adhesins of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis and Yersinia enterocolitica have been successful. In the 1970s and 1980 Libya had similiar cases of Y. pestis. Yersinia pestis is the etiological agent of plague, fatal in humans. Y. pestis can rapidly disseminate from a infection site into the lymphatic system and regional lymph nodes. The swelling of these infected lymph nodes into characteristic buboes is the classical symptom of bubonic plague. This disease can lead to colonization of a variety of tissues. Y. pestis becomes highly transmissible during coughing, and the bacteria can be easily inhaled, causing a primary pneumonic infection in a new host. Both systemic and pneumonic plague produces high mortality rates because of rapid proliferation of bacteria and quick onset of disease pathology.

This outbreak has prompted the Libyan government to call for an investigation of the cases by the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO will investigate deaths, not the Oca (oligomeric coiled-coil adhesins) or Vc family of proteins used as a subset of autotransporters. The putative promoter region of the Y. pestis yadBC operon can be amplified with primers P1 and P2 from SpeI-digested genomic DNA and cloned into KpnI/Acc65I-digested pBSlacZMCS to create a yadBC promoter-lacZ fusion giving you a pBS-PyadBC-lacZ, change that to the E. coli host S17-1, then conjugated into Y. pestis CO92.S1 to obtain strain CO92.S10 or into Y. pestis CO99-3015.S1 to obtain strain CO99-3015.S4.

This is a highly virulent pathogen because of its ability to escape the host immune system and rapidly proliferate within host tissues. It goes under the radar, E. coli pops up from the GST-YadB and GST-YadC antigens. WHO has to focus on putative structural analogs of YadA to find their lethality in this bubonic plague strains. It’s too difficult detecting YadB and YadC protein levels. Clone 4,146-bp fragments to Sall- and Sacl-digested pLD55, to create pLD55yadBD-L. Electroporate into Y. pestis CO92.S8 you should get a etracycline-sensitive isolation that contains both yadB and yadC. You can get YadBEcoRISD-52 and YadBPstl-32 and primers YadCEcoRI-52 and YadCHindlll-3. If done right you have a role in invasion, which is important for efficient trafficking to or colonization of lymphoid tissues in organs on infected sites.

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