A Great Day To Whoop Somebody's ASS

Monday, March 2, 2009

This Is A Great Day To Whoop Somebody's ASS ! Church this person has just PISSED BEDLAM off. And BEDLAM is mad as hell, MAD I TELL YOU ! Deacons, start praying , cause BEDLAM wants to go and really beat the SHIT out of this rekcufrehtum. RING, RING, hold on. . . . extra pepperoni damit!! . . . and add a sweet tea DIP! OOOOKKKK Bedlam's back, where was I, oh yeah the low down, lying son of a bastages. Deacons, this rekcufrehtum, stright faced, flat-out lied to BEDLAM. We are talking about some very serious issues here. Whoooo DAMIT!! call the Calvary.

4 deacons spoke:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like somebody rubbed you the wrong way Bedlam?

Mad Hatter said...

Bedlam, are you there ?

Bedlam said...

Bullet, pow, pow...yes somebody rubbed BEDLAM the wrong way. BEDLAM has to remind them, Don't fuck with my family!!!! I meet my brother 'Mayhem' in Georgia, he was just as pissed as BEDLAM was, my sister 'Tempest" was pissed as well. It's all kool now. It was BEDLAM.

Bedlam said...

Mad Hatter, girl...you're too kind, thanks for that email. BEDLAM is still here.

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