Cell phones, getting worst than ever.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I have pass the drivers that cannot maneuver through morning/evening traffic because they’re on the phone. The loud talker in line that wants everyone to hear his/her conversation. People interacting at checkout lines talking on the cell phone, no common courtesy. The bluetooth ear pieces, please, If you are that important you need to be at your desk taking care of your business.

Most of us cannot function without our phones. My first mobile phone was one that was mounted in the trunk of my car sometime around 1986/1988. At that time everyone didn’t have these gadgets and it was the show stopper for those that had one. I always had phone etiquette, was never disrespectful when others were in the car, didn’t run to the car when the horn went off, (it was hooked to the horn as a ring tone) and I kept it off most of the time. Today I keep my phone in the car (I think 12 people have my number).

Im amazed that a phone will make us do the unbelievable. The phone will make you stand outside during a tornado watches, hurricanes, floods and video the event. We put our lives in danger doing this, then we send it to the media, call all our friends and tell them ‘to watch the news that my video/picture’.

The phone distracts us from robbers and car jackers cause we are too busy talking about nothing while walking to our cars, going into the house, sitting at intersections. The phone takes away conversations in cars, everyone is on their phone talking, texting, reading e-mails. Cell phones interrupts conversations, we immediately take incoming calls, ignore the original person we were talking to, and start a new conversation with the caller, total disrespect.

Cell phones use to be the life saver for the injured or those that need help, now when someone gets shot, car accident, fires, we don’t call 911 or the police, we grab our cell phone and start taking pictures, start videoing and ignore the situation at hand.

Correct me if i'm wrong, is this the way we were raised? Not Me.

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Nitegator said...

I have to agree with you, people show no respect with these cell phones. As a media photographer I have seen citizens run to crime scenes, fires, accidents, shootings, standoffs, all kind of stuff trying to get video of pictures, not saying media is better, we do know where our bounderies are most of the time and push it to the limits. I hate talking to someome and they just stop in the middle of the conversation to take a call, no excuse me, just take the call and will walk away. I see this every day, nice post.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

People need to be distracted. They want to exist somewhere other than the moment of now.
For some it's pain, for some it's dissatisfaction, for others it's a need to get to the salvation of the future. . . maybe it's all the same, but obviously, very few people are content with being exactly where they are right now. If they were, they would need to be on the phone all the time. Sadly, most people are in a fairly decent place right now no matter what their circumstances.
Don't get me started on those morons with the "bluetooth" in their ear talking away like delusional whack jobs. . . freaked me out when they first came out.

I have a cell phone because my wife gave it to me so that she could keep track of me. I rarely use it and yes, it almost always stays in the car. . . except when I'M ON A BOAT!

Mad Hatter said...

Hi Bedlam, how was your V day ? These cell phones are getting out of hand, I dont know how many times I have punished the boys be taking their phones. Text people all day, at the table texting, sending pictures. This is like the video games as a way of punishment, and it seems to work so far. I hate the people the has to stay on the phone all the time, I figure it makes them feel important. Im on my phones all day, its part of the business operation, when I not at work I get very few calls, hubby, the boys, a few family member/friends and most of those are homeline calls. We should have a no cell phone day.

xl said...

Earlier this week, another car was drifting from lane-to-lane on the freeway. Some dim-wit texting!

Europe said...

I hate the way people conduct themselves with these phones. I do carry my phone with me but I do try to stay off the phone when im out of the car. I'm noticing how people have stopped leaving messages in your voice mail. People expect you to call them back when you see their number from your missed calls feature, they never leave a message and will be the first to say 'I've been trying to reach you all day'.

Anonymous said...

Im tired of these gadgets. They are useful but have become a public pest. What are people talking about that is so important?

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