Malcolm X Killer Paroled

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Talmadge Hayer, also known as Thomas Hagan, 69, was granted his formal release from custody on March 3. Hayer is the last man still imprisoned for the murder of Al Hajj Malik Shabazz, Malcolm X. Hayer 22-years-old when he was charged with the killing. The police rescued his ass from the Harlem's Audubon Ballroom after he had been shot and got a good ass whooping, BEDLAM STYLE.

Hayer was one of three men convicted of the shooting Malcolm X. The two other gunmen, Norman 3X Butler now known as Muhammad Abdul Aziz, was paroled in 1985. Thomas 15X Johnson now known as Khalil Islam, was released from prison in 1987.

On February 21, 1965, the black leader Malcolm X was assassinated as he started to address a rally in New York City. Malcolm was spokesman for Elijah Mohammed's Nation of Islam, he articulated a virulently anti-white program of black self-help. After a trip to Mecca, Malcolm broke with Elijah Mohammed and his anti-white policies to form an independent political
group expressing both national and international concerns.

Malcolm walked past a piano and a set of drums, looked up and said, “A salaam aleikum” and the audience replied “Wa aleikum salaam.” Then two men popped to their feet in the front rows of wooden folding chairs, one yelling at the other: “Get your hands off my pockets, don't be messing with my pockets.” Four of Malcolm's six bodyguards moved toward the pair; Malcolm said, “Now, now brothers, break it up,” he said softly. “Be cool, be calm.”

Then a man's sock, soaked in lighter fluid and set ablaze, flared in the rear. Heads swiveled, and as they did, Hayer moved toward the lectern in a crouch, unwrapped a sawed-off shotgun hidden in his coat. The gun shots rang out. The shotgun's charge ripped up through the lectern and into Malcolm's chest. From the left, near the spot where the two men had been squabbling, the pistols were discharged. Malcolm, blood on his face and chest, fell limply back over the chairs behind him. Malcolm's pregnant wife, Betty, rushed on stage screaming, “They're killing my husband!” People ducked under tables and dove to the floor as 30 plus shots were fired.

Hayer dashed down a side aisle to the stairway exit from the second floor ballroom. One of Malcolm's bodyguards shot Hayer in the thigh with a .45-caliber, screaming in pursut, “Don't let them kill him.” “Kill those bastards.” “Don't let him get away.” “Get him.” The ballroom crowd caught Hayer on the sidewalk, Kicked His Ass and broke his ankle before police rescued him. He was arrested outside the Audubon carrying a magazine from the .45 caliber pistol he
used during the attack. Malcolm's followers was seen bending over his body on the stage, their clothes stained with Malcolm's blood. Four policemen placed Malcolm's body on a stretcher and carried him through the crowd. The police said seven bullets had struck Malcolm.

Police said the shooting had apparently been a result of a feud between followers of Malcolm and members of Elijah Mohammed's Nation of Islam.
This is the results of Hayers plot:

Bullet wound entries:
Left chest one inch avout left nipple.
1 1/2 inches to right of left nipple.
2 1/2 inches to right of left nipple
4 inches to left o f right nipple.
1 1/2 inches to left of midline.
5 inches up from navel to midline.
3 3/4inches down from left nipple.
Right shin
5 inches above right knee.
Left ankle outside
Left thight inside.
Left thight front 4 inches up from knee
Web between thumb and index finger right hand.
Right forearm
Left bicep.

Bullet wound exits:
Right palm
Left middle back
Upper right thigh
3 bullets slaps and 1 crease on right knee upward

Bullets recovered at the time
3 “0” buck pellets left chest
3 “0” buck pellets right side back
1 .45 cal entry thru left ankle
1 .9mm cal entry front left thigh
1 .9mm cal entry left inside thigh



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